The job of a Flight Attendant requires patience, maturity, and hard work. If you think you’re too old to join this exciting profession, th...

Are You Too Old to Become a Cabin Crew? You'll be Surprised!

The job of a Flight Attendant requires patience, maturity, and hard work. If you think you’re too old to join this exciting profession, think again. Becoming a Flight Attendant can be just what you need to start you down the path to a new life.

Break Out of Your Rut

Are your children grown up and living on their own? Have you recently had a change in marital status? Do you need to start earning money? Or are you just plain bored with your current job? Have you always wanted to travel to exotic lands, help people, and work with fun co-workers? Are you ready for a change? Don’t wait to get started on this adventure of a lifetime.

Get in Shape

First, you’ll need to make sure you’re physically fit. If you’ve been too busy raising a family to exercise, try joining a gym, or find a friend and lift, run, and walk. Start eating healthy meals and snacks. Go easy on the caffeine and stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. It won’t be long before you’re feeling and looking better than ever.

Use What You’ve Learned

With age comes wisdom. (At least we hope it does!) Assuming you’ve learned from your mistakes, you should be very wise. The way you solve a problem has no doubt changed over your lifetime. Use that wisdom to help yourself complete flight attendant training, and gain an edge over those youngsters who don’t have the advantage of having learned from the errors they’ve made.

Maturity Can Be a Plus

Few people are as patient in their 20s as they are in their later years. While many Flight Attendant trainees are fresh out of high school or college, the mature applicant can use the knowledge and experience gained over a lifetime to gain an advantage. Look into flight attendant training, decide on a program that works well for you, and then jump in with both feet!

A Match Made at 30,000 Feet

Newly hired Flight Attendants start as fill-ins for vacationing or ill workers. If you’ve been frugal and managed to save your money from your previous jobs, you might be better suited than a much younger person who has no savings to live on a reduced salary for the one to five years it will take you to get a regular route.

It’s Never Too Late

A reader once wrote a letter to Dear Abby asking her advice about whether he should go to medical school. He was afraid he would be too old when he graduated. “It will take me 5 years and by then I’ll be 50 years old,” he wrote. Dear Abby replied, “And how old will you be in 5 years if you don’t go?” Don’t let the fear of being the oldest student in the class stop you. Use your experience and maturity to gain an advantage and be the key to this exciting new doorway to the world.
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If you’ve ever dreamed of seeing foreign lands and meeting new people, don’t give up on your dream. Become a Flight Attendant and step through the door to this exciting, exotic new life.